Join The Fund

To qualify for membership in the Fund, an applicant must be a duly qualified Probate Judge of a county of the State of Georgia.  Any qualified person who desires to participate in the fund shall make application to the board for membership in the fund.

Such application for membership shall be made within twelve months after becoming eligible for membership.

An application packet may be downloaded below which includes the Application Form and authorization forms for dues payment options.

Once accepted for membership, a Member must pay monthly dues of $105.00. 

If a member ceases to act as the duly qualified Probate Judge, he or she may (1) request retirement benefits if at least age 60; (2) be placed in a "Paid Up" (vested) status to start benefits upon turning age 60; (3) request a refund of dues if that Probate Judge has not vested.

The Membership Application should be mailed to the Fund office with check or money order for the amount indicated per our office to:

Judges of the Probate Courts Retirement Fund of Georgia
P.O. Box 56
Griffin, GA 30224